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    Emerging Topic Conference: Precision Medicine in MASLD

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    EASL Congress 2024

    EASL Congress 2024

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    Europe's biggest hepatology event, EASL Congress 2024, unites 7,000+ professionals in Milan (and online) for 4 days of learning, networking & research sharing. Join world-class faculty & shape the future of liver disease care!

    Today 25-30% of the general population are estimated to have NAFLD, most being undetected. With the expected rise of NAFLD prevalance by 2030, NASH is projected to DOUBLE. 
    Current clinical guideliness recommend:A NAFLD screening should be part of a routine work-up in high-risk patients! Patients having Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and/or metabolic syndrome.

    Two Companies, One Mission

    Providing a complementary approach to managing and monitoring

    chronic liver deseases, which may lead to improve patient outcomes.


    Innovation dedicated to liver health, offering FibroScan®,

    the leading non-invasive liver testing solution.

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    The leader in digital therapeutics providing a scalable

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